Medical Gas Safety

CeLS proprietor led the project to redesign existing ‘Medical Gas Safety Training’ materials into a single comprehensive e-learning programme.

Written by the Training Manager of BOC

“Health and Safety Legislation, CoSHH and a number of specific industry standards require that anyone involved in the use, transportation or administration of medical gases, requires annual training.

Not only is face to face training expensive, it requires that replacement cover is provided, when that training is taking place. Nurses, doctors, porters and engineers working within the healthcare industries are constantly targeted with delivering better standards of healthcare to more and more patients. Paradoxically, the revenue funding to achieve these targets is reducing annually whilst risk management pressures are increasing”.

BOC is not primarily a training organisation, we are a gas supplier; but we believe that it is in our interests to ensure that our customers use the products as safely and as effectively as possible. To that end we wanted to offer a solution which was:

  • Engaging and stimulating – using a variety of media and interactive exercises.
  • Flexible – learners enrol on the system and can access the course whenever they have a few minutes spare, allowing them to study at their own pace to suite their own level of understanding and experience, at home or at work.
  • Configurable – standards change over time and it was vitally important that the e-learning could be updated immediately with the minimum time and cost. This is fulfilled by updating one master copy on the server. We can now make updates and the changes take effect immediately and universally.
  • Accessible – it allows all staff with access to a computer and the internet, the opportunity to follow a course of instruction that has up to now required classroom sessions lasting from 3 to 7 hours. It is always accessible as an on-going reference material
  • Easily distributed – the learning is available to all customers although this can be controlled if necessary.
  • Trackable – all time spent with the e-learning programme is recorded, along with progress and achievement through interactive scenarios and questions. It allows managers to monitor the progress of staff or groups of staff and produce reports on training.